Enersys Battery Dealer

29/07/2012 13:31

Enersys Battery Since 1994, Sure Power, Inc. has become a top supplier of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) for industry, focusing on providing power solutions to corporations requiring high quality, reliable UPS to run their mission-critical operations. In fact, even the smallest companies out there require an uninterruptible power supply for certain works such as computer operations or emergency lighting. For some businesses, however, such as communications systems, web hosting services, chemical plants and health related facilities, a reliable source of uninterruptible power is essential to daily operations.

With the capability and experience to provide qualified service in all aspects of industrial power supply systems, from design and style through to set up, Sure Power affords both product sales and rentals of the top equipment brands in the industry, including:

Enersys Battery - the world leader in stored energy products, Enersys Batteries are the number one choice for military and aerospace applications and also for use in data centers and telecommunication providers.

• Odyssey Battery - delivers double the power and has triple the life expectancy of standard batteries.

• C&D Technologies - a leading vendor of electrical power storage and conversion gear.

• Deka Unigy - from East Penn Manufacturing, the world's biggest independent manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries.

Spotlight on Enersys Products

As a top Enersys Battery dealer, Sure Power stocks, sells, rents, installs and keeps a full line of Enersys products, from large industrial battery apps down to the smaller batteries used in motorcycles and personal watercraft. Enersys is one of the world's leading industrial battery producers and, for more than a century, has been supplying a wide range of power storage products to customers across the globe.

The complete line of Enersys Powersafe Batteries, consisting of valve regulated lead acid and flooded batteries, has wide apps in a number of areas such as:

• Telecommunications
• Security
• Emergency lighting
• Military
• Medical
• Aviation
• Utility/switchgear

The Enersys ODYSSEY®, nicknamed the Extreme Battery, is an uncompromising combination of performance and power that leaves standard batteries in its wake. With apps for motorcycles, boats, automobiles, snowmobiles, personal watercraft and commercial trucks, these maintenance-free batteries are constructed using 99.99% pure virgin lead instead of the lead alloy typical of batteries of inferior quality.

OSYSSEY® delivers twice the power and has three times the life expectancy of a regular battery. It also has the quickest refresh rate of any sealed lead battery available, capable of a full recharge in as few as 4-6 hours. It is also vibration resistant and tolerant of extreme temperatures, down to -40 degrees F and as high as 113 degrees F (176 degrees F with the optional metal jacket).

For any and all energy storage and uninterrupted power system needs, Sure Power stands ready and able to deliver the best products and service available in the field. With offices and warehouses in New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia, they offer a handy, end-to-end power system solution to customers nationwide. Call today for answers to your power system needs.